Prof. Ji Minbiao From Fudan University visited us. Welcome! 2015-06-04
There will be a symposium on Solar Energy Conversion at MRS Fall(Boston), 2015. You are welcome to participate! 2015-03-12
Bin’s paper is accepted by Nano Energy. Congratulations to Bin! 2015-03-12
First Gordon Research Conference on Solar Energy Conversion will be held in Hong Kong, July 2016. You are welcome to participate! 2015-03-12
Lin’s paper is published at Nano Letters! Congratulations to Lin! 2014-02-18
Welcome our founding group members: Xinpeng, Chengyu, Lin, bin, Su, Yinling, Mingyao, Shasha, Xingyi, Yuan, Yue ! 2013-10-04
Prof. Zhu Joined Nanjing University 2013-09-06