Ningxu's solar steam-generation devices work is highlighted by advanced science news! 2017-07-03
Our GO based Solar Desalination work is highlighted by IEEE Spectrum and Xinhua News. 2016-11-26
Pengcheng is awarded with National Scholarship!Conguatulations! 2016-11-09
Guangxin is awarded with several pretigious scholarships 2016-11-09
Mingyao’s plasmonic perovskite work is published at Applied Physics Letters 2016-11-08
Linqi’s nano-perforation work is published at Nano Letters 2016-11-07
Bin’s lithium metal work is accepted by Advanced Materials 2016-11-06
Our plasmon enhanced solar desalination work is highlighted by Nature Photonics! 2016-06-04
Our solar desalination work is highlighted by websites of Sciencenet, NSFC and many others!For details, click “more”. 2016-05-05
Our works are highlighted by Science, Livescience and other media! 2016-04-28