Principle Investigator


Zhu Jia

Dr. Jia Zhu is a Professor at College of Engineering and Applied Science, Nanjing University. His scientific research interest is in the area of nanomaterials, nanophotonics and nanoscale heat transfer.

Dr. Zhu was born in Xuzhou of Jiangsu, China, in 1982. He studied Physics at Nanjing University, received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow at University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.  Even though he got several faculty positions from prestigious universities in the U.S., in Sept 2013 he decided to return back to Nanjing University, to be a Professor at College of Engineering and Applied Science.   

He has received several prestigious awards including: OSA Young Investigator Award (2017), Dupont Young Professor Award (2016), MIT Tech Review TR35 award (2016), The Recruitment Program of Global Experts (2014), Division of Inorganic Chemistry Yong Investigator Award (American Chemical Society, 2011), Gold Medal of Graduate Student Award (Material Research Society, 2010), Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad (2009).  He has published over 40 papers in prestigious journals (Nature Nanotech., Nature Photonics, Nature Materials, Science Advances, PNAS, Nano Lett., Advanced Materials, etc.). He has delivered over 40 keynote/invited lectures at leading research institutions, international conferences, and U.S. Department of Energy. He is a reviewer of over 30 scientific journals. He is on the advisory board of Molecular Systems Design & Engineering (Royal Society of Chemistry).



Zhou Lin (associate prof. Ph.D., Physics, Nanjing University)

Research interest: nanophotonics,solar energy conversion


Zhu Bin (Ph.D., Materials Science, Nanjing University)

Research interest: Energy storage devices such as lithium battery.


Zhuang Shendong (Ph.D., Physics, Nanjing University)

Research interest: Photothermal energy conversion


Liu Guoliang (Ph.D., Institute of metal research, CAS)

Research interest: First-principles calculation, hydrogen storage


Wu Zhen (Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, shandong university)

Research interest: zintl phase thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric efficiency of one-dimensional nanostructures




Zhu Pengchen

perovskite solar cells



Jin Yan

Lithium battery



Wang Yang

Solar thermophotovoltaics



Gu Shuai

Perovskite solar cell



Xu Ning

Thermoelectricity materials



Li Xiuqiang




Lin Renxing

Perovskite crystals



Yu Jianyu




Wang Yuxi

Nanoscale thermal transport and thermoelectricity



Li Jinlei

Preparation and applications of porous silicon, silicon nanopurification, solar steam



Min Xinzhe

Solar steam engine



Yang Xin

Thermoelectricity materials, high efficiency filter for clean air



Wang Xueyang

Photo thermal energy conversion



Liang Jie




Wei Tianqi

Water treatment



Qi Heshan

Battery &Plasmonics



Wang Xinyu




Li Duo

Semiconductor devices;infrared stealth



Yao Pengcheng

Energy storage devices



Li Bo

Thermoelectricity materials



Zhao Wei

Photo thermal energy conversion



Zhang Haoran

Photo thermal energy conversion



Gong Han





  Chen Qiyuan
Laser printing,Lithium battery


  Li Zizhong
Thermoelectricity mate


  Dunn Westhoff
Water Purification


  Mu Yu
Lithium Ion Battery


  Chen Hanchao
Thermoelectricity materials




  Zhang Su


  Tan Yingling
Nanowire growth and characterization
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  Tang Mingyao
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  Gong Xinyi
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  Shen Xinpeng
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  Hu Yue


  Wang Yuhui
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  Zhang Yuan
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  Zheng Qinghui
Next station:synthesis of topological insulator nanoribbons.


  Zong Linqi
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  Cui Shasha
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  Zheng Yueling
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  Hu Xiaozhen (Ph.D., Polymer Sciences, Zhejiang University)


  He Chengyu (Research Scientist)
Current: Stanford University


  Xu Weichao
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  Chen Chuanlu
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  Xiao Min
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  Wang Jingyang
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  Lv Guangxin
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  Liu Chang
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