On January 29th, a few days before the Spring Festival, we went to Jiangning District for a HOME PARTY as an ending of this semester.

In the morning, we went to experience Laser Tag. We were very happy to invite Zhenda to play with us. We were then divided into two groups, playing as teams. The whole activity was quite exciting, and everyone deeply realized that teamwork is so important.

Afterwards, we went to home party. We conducted various free activities to warm up, including playing video games, Wei Chi and billiards. Then we were divided into three groups to compete for the final reward, the so-called red packet. We held competitions such as singing, Clapping Game, Gestures & Guessing and Creative Walking. Winners of each game were rewarded with red packets with a little money. We all longed for more at the end of this section. After all these, we gathered to make Jiaozi. The group was like a big family, laughing and making dinner together. Thanks to every member, we enjoyed a big dinner in the evening.

The whole activity did not last long, but we did had great fun and feel the warmth from our big family. We will cherish such precious experience and make the most of it as a motivation of our future!