Summer is a season for sadness and hope, and we taste the sorrow of some members’ leaving and also bless them to stand on a larger stage.

On july 9, we held a farewell party for our two departing members: Chenyu He and Xinpeng Shen.


We first went to play bowling at Wutaishan stadium and it was the first time that we played it for the most members. To our surprise, we all played it well and found the joy of this game.


After bowling, we had our “zhulaber’s family dinner” together. During the dinner,we talked a lot, and we were sometimes happy, sometimes moved, sometimes sad and sometimes hopeful. We sent our farewell, as well as our heartfelt bless.


In the everning, we went to karaoke and sang goodbye to our deer members. Touching voice and warm faces were the most beautiful things at that night.


A zhulaber in one day, is a zhulaber all the life.