“Spring, the sweet spring,is the year’s pleasant king; Then blooms each thing, then maids dance in a ring”


     In such a beatiful spring season, we--zhulabers had an impressive spring outing around Jinniu Lake.


     After about 1.5 hours' metro-ride and 15 minutes' walk, we finally arrived at the open-air BBQ area to prepare our big barbecue lunch. We struggled around the two barbecue grills as most of us were not so skilled at roasting. Not that dilicious as the food was, we enjoyed the joyful and lovely atmosphere a lot. We frolicked, romped and chatted under the blue sky; we enjoyed the fresh air along with white clouds and green tress. All of these made us quite happy and relaxed.


     After a  joyful lunch, we cycled around the lake and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery by tandem bicycles.  Then we held a cycling race around the lake spontaneously, laughing and cheering all the way.


      This experience is not merely a routine spring outing, but a journey full of happiness that made us a more united team.