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2022-06-22 2022 Graduates with honors
2017-07-03 Ningxu's solar steam-generation devices work is highlighted by advanced science news!
2016-11-26 Our GO based Solar Desalination work is highlighted by IEEE Spectrum and Xinhua News.

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About Us

  • We are the research group of Jia Zhu, Professor of College of Engineering and Applied Science at Nanjing University. Our interdisciplinary research bridges nanoscience, materials science, applied physics and engineering. We are probing fundamental electrical, optical and thermal phenomenon at nanoscale, and developing novel nanomaterials and devices for mainly energy applications including next generation solar, thermal and electrical related energy conversion and storage devices.

Join Us

We seek highly motivated research scientists, graduate students and undergraduate students to join the group. They will have the opportunity to work closely with the principal investigator on one of the following directions:

1. Energy Conversion

2. Nanoscale Heat Transfer

3. Nanophotonics

4. Energy Storage

5. Water Treatment

Latest publications

Jinlei Li, Yuan Liang, Wei Li, Ning Xu, Bin Zhu, Zhen Wu, Xueyang Wang, Shanhui Fan, Minghuai Wang*, Jia Zhu* "Protecting ice from melting under sunlight via radiative cooling". Sci Adv. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abj9756(2022)
Jinlei Li†, Xueyang Wang†, Dong Liang†, Ning Xu†, Bin Zhu*, Wei Li, Pengcheng Yao,Yi Jiang, Xinzhe Min, Zhengzong Huang, Shining Zhu, Shanhui Fan*, Jia Zhu* "A tandem radiative/evaporative cooler for weather-insensitive and high-performance daytime passive cooling". Sci Adv. 8, eabq0411 (2022)